Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday photos (12): Running with Madonna: 'Those who run seem to have all the fun'

Madonna's been running regularly since the 1980s, not sure whether she's ever taken part in a race but she's often been photographed out and about with an assortment of personal trainers and bodyguards.

Most of these photos were taken around 1987 when she carried off some great running outfits:

Madonna running past Buckingham Palace in London, 1987

Madonna in Central Park, New York 2006
Boy George said recently: “As for Madonna, I always used to laugh at her running. And now I run! I get why she always ran. I wish I'd run when she did.”

Madonna's Hung Up includes the great line 'those who run seem to have all the fun'. She has also written and recorded a song called 'Run'. I don't think it's ever been released but you can find demo versions of it online - the lyrics include:

'If you wanna catch up to me
You better run as fast as you can
If you wanna live up to me
You better show me that you're the man

Am I going too fast
Am I going too fast for you baby
Never gonna finish last
Am I going too fast for you baby

Run run run run for your life
I said
Run run run but you better think twice'

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