Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Record Sleeve Athletics (4): Blackbyrds

Next up in our collection of musical athletes cover stars it's The Blackbyrds, as seen on the front and back of their 1977 album Action.

The front cover has them crouched and ready for action on the starting line. I like the back cover image though where all the runners are a blur except for one solitary Adidas shoe (product placement?).

Can't see any particular running references in the songs on this album, but their big 1974 hit Walking in Rhythm could certainly be adopted by runners!

Walking in rhythm
Movin' in sound
Hummin' to the music
Trying to move on

I'm walking in rhythm
Singin' my song
Thinkin' about my baby
Tryin' to get home

It's been so long since I seen her
I'm tired and so all alone
I've travelled so very far
I've got to get back home

Thanks to Marcus Ryder (The Sound of Running) for suggesting this one. See previously in this series:

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