Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Record Sleeve Athletics (5): Three Degrees - The Runner

Here's a slice of 1979 disco: The Runner by The Three Degrees, produced by Giorgio Moroder no less (of 'I feel love' fame). The trio's outfits on the cover nod to sportswear - albeit Las Vegas style - with white stripes down the side.

The label drives the point home with a semi-circle of running shoes:

And if that isn't cool enough there's the blue vinyl 12":

As for the lyrics... well is it a complaint of a running widow, neglected by her's partner's athletics training schedule? Or is it just about a man running away from emotional commitment?!

' How many times have I felt down inside, 
The Need to be loved by you.
 I wanted to show you how good it could be,
 If you would only show a little interest in me 

 But you run, you just won't show love 
That's the thing you're frightened of... 

 He's a runner, he's a runner 
 Runaway... Runaway'. 


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