Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Art of Athletics (3): Jindřich Heisler

Jindřich Heisler (1914-1953) was a Czech surrealist poet and artist. Half Jewish, he hid out out at a friends' apartments in Prague for much of the 1940s Nazi occupation to avoid deportation to the death camps. During this time he produced a diverse body of work in very challenging circumstances - interestingly a couple of the images he produced feature running figures. As he was rarely able to go outside I wonder whether for him the runner represented freedom and/or his condition as a man on the run.

Untitled [Running figured pursued by bird], from De la même farine (From the Same Dough), 1944. Gelatin silver print with hand-applied color.

In this untitled work from c. 1943,  Heisler has attached a spring/toy foot to a photograph of an athlete  - making a kind of prosthetic leg.

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