Monday, 10 March 2014

Record Sleeve Athletics (8): Sergio Mendes - Olympia

Previously here I have discussed Giorgio Moroder's 1984 Olympics Track Theme 'Reach Out'. Also recorded for the '84 Los Angeles games was Olympia by Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes. The sleeve for the American single shows athletes engaged in various sports.

The continental Europe release goes for a more simple torch-bearer design.

Music, to my ears, is mediocre 1980s cheese with lead vocals by Joe Pizzulo. Lyrics too are on the epic side - hey dude, it's just some people running around and swimming - no-one died!

'From the corners of the world they come
The bravest and the best
To write their names in history
And to face the final test
And they gather as they've always done
With one purpose and one name
To give the souls and lives to
The challenge of the game

Olympia, Olympia
Light the flame and let it burn
Olympia, Olympia
You will teach and we will learn
We will learn in your name
We have come to honor courage
More than glory, more than fame
We will learn if we can
The triumph of the spirit
Is the victory of man

They have traveled lonely roads of pain
For the moment yet to be
Knowing in the journey each will find
Their own humanity
And they reach out to each other
To make us all aware
That we celebrate our brotherhood
In the struggles that we share...'

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