Saturday, 21 January 2017

Kent AC women in the 1950s

My club, Kent Athletic Club, was formed in 1898 and has therefore nearly 120 years of running and other athletics behind it, sustained through the years by the efforts of countless volunteers in South East London. Former club coach Larry Garnham is currently finalising a history of the club, and has gathered together a treasure horde of photographs and documents dating back to the club's origins. Some of these have already been deposited in Lewisham Archives, and others will be shortly. 

Here's some great photos from the 1950s of the club's 'Ladies Section'. Prior to the Second World War the club was just for men but this was all to change.

The first photograph is captioned 'KAC Ladies Section - Winter training 1950-51, Ladywell Track' (where the club still trains today). The caption also lists the women - presumably left to right  - as Joyce Lane, Audrey Bell, Beryl Lane, Maureen Theakstone, Shirley Marlow, Olive Hynes, Edna Wittey and Audrey Homewood.

The second photo was also taken at Ladywell in 1950-51 - possibly even in the same session.

I don't have a caption or date for the final team photo but it is evidently from broadly the same period.

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 Always interested to find out more, if you have any club photos or memorabilia lying around do get in touch.

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