Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Photos (14): 1930s Athletics

Some vintage athletics photos found from spending too much time on Ebay and elsewhere... lets call it digital rescue archaelogy.

These two are from Sunbeam Photo Ltd, Margate, Kent in 1936:

'Erik Sjvall, Norway's 100 yards Sprint Champion, training at White City, London' Issued by the Makers of Wayfarer Tailored Clothes, around 1937.

Photo from B & W Fisk-Moore Canterbury, Kent - date unknown, the firm was going from around 1913 until late 1960s , I would guess this was very early on in that period.


  1. They're great, I stumbled across some photos from a sports day at the Oxo Sports Ground (now Millwall training ground) earlier in the week which I will squeeze into a post.

  2. Those were the days :o)