Sunday, 1 November 2015

1000 miles on the Day of the Dead

OK I didn't actually run 1000 miles on Halloween, but I did my run my 1000th mile of 2015 during Halloween, all faithfully recorded on my fetcheveryone training log.

The occasion was my regular Hilly Fields parkrun in SE London, this week with a record 203 runners taking part. Some runners and marshals got into the Halloween mood - there were a couple of zombies and a mummy among other characters.

The course was decorated with some pumpkin route markers and a giant spider hanging from a branch:

I ran with a skull mask on my forehead, after a bit of pre-run reading:

As for the 1000 miles - 100 miles per month - I know that's not up there with some of the more dedicated and faster runners at my club, but it's a lot more than I've done in previous years. My endurance has definitely benefited, not sure yet if it has had a consistent effect on my speed.

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