Monday, 28 July 2014

Running Barmore Island, Loch Fyne

I stayed in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, earlier this week waiting to get the ferry to Islay next day, and managed to get in a short early morning run around Barmore Island. 

Barmore Island

It's not strictly an island, as its joined by a causeway to the land, but apart from that it is surrounded by the Loch.

Causeway from the Island, with Stonefield Castle Hotel in the woods

A track runs all the way round the island, which makes it ideal for running, though you really need to pause to admire some of the views and perhaps observe the wildlife, such as gannets diving into the Loch.

sunrise from Barmore Island

The trail is mainly flat with a short hilly section. I just turned left when I got on to the island, and followed the track round. There is a short rocky section that involves cutting across the shore that looks like it might be more difficult at high tide.

hilly bit of the trail

 The distance round the island is probably about 1200m, you could run as many laps as you like or extend the run as I did by taking in the wooded grounds of the adjacent Stonefield Castle Hotel.If you were staying in Tarbert you could add in a run from the town turning off the main road where the Hotel is signposted and heading down to the Loch (see Walkhighlands for map)

The snooker table in the Stonefield Castle Hotel, made by H.Nelmes & Co. of Glasgow
(the food at the Hotel restaurant is excellent by the way)

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  1. My maiden name is Barmore. I know my family came from Scotland and would love to know about the history of Barmore Island.