Monday, 27 October 2014

Running into the Prime Minister

So you're going for a lunchtime run down to the gym and you spot David Cameron looming up on the pavement in front of you. What ya gonna do? Maybe charge into him and then say it was an accident, though we'll have to take Dean Farley's word for it when he says that he didn't know it was the Tory Prime Minister when he ran into him in Leeds today  (see film here at BBC website).

According to the BBC, 'A member of the public who caused a security alert when he bumped into David Cameron in Leeds has said he had "no idea" it was the prime minister. Dean Farley said he was only aware that he had collided with Mr Cameron an hour after he had been arrested by police. He insisted he was "not particularly political" and was just going out on his daily lunchtime jog to the gym when he ran into a "bunch of men in suits"'.

'Guess who I ran into the other day?'
Must admit when I heard about it I was slightly disappointed that no ex-members of the once Leeds-based band Chumbawamba seem to have been involved, as some of them have both the radical track record and running skills needed for such an audacious piece of street theatre/direct action. Danbert Nobacon from the band famously tipped an ice bucket over Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott at the 1998 BRIT Awards, and has also run in fell races for Pudsey and Bramley Athletic Club along with Chumba co-founder Boff Whalley (author of Run Wild)

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