Thursday, 13 August 2015

Charlie Dark - falling back in love with London via running

Lots of interesting reflections on running from Charlie Dark, founder of Run Dem Crew, in his recent Ted talk 'it's not how fast you go, it's how you cross the finish line'.

I particularly liked his comments about how taking up running changed his relationship with London:

'I'm discovering London in a new light, there's a new kind of nocturnal activity that I'm part of, it's underground, not many people are doing it, it feels fresh, it feels exciting, I'm meeting all these new characters, new smells, new lights, I'm falling back in love with my city again ...

We don't live in London, we own London. On my arm it says 'I do not run, I push the earth down with my feet and I leave my footprints in the concrete behind me'. I want young people to basically feel that they own this city, they're not just like ants mindlessly moving from place to place. We've  got to explore, we cannot be defined by postcode, by colour of skin, by religion, by the place that you live'

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