Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday Photos (16): Ladywell Running Track, 1950

Ladywell running track, near to Lewisham Hospital, is one of my favourite places in London. In fact I am to be found there every Tuesday night, training with Kent Athletic Club who are based there. I found a couple of photos online at Lewisham Council's photo site taken there

 The first one is captioned: 'Ladywell Fields Start Of The 80 Yards Flat, Ladies 14-16 Race At Ladywell Track Jubilee Celebrations 23 Sep 1950'. That corner of the track is still used for sprints, though it now has a high fence around the arena. No more old fellas leaning over the fence... though there's a few of us running round inside.

(According to a commenter to this post, the starter here is Fred Lane, who was Kent AC president in the 1950s)

The second photo, which I am guessing was taken on the same day, is captioned
'Ladywell Fields The Pavilion & Spectators at The Ladywell Track Jubilee Celebrations 23 Sep 1950'
Not sure whose or what's Jubilee though - anybody know anymore? The building's still there, now housing a gym as well as changing rooms (see Ladywell Arena for more details)

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  1. Robert Sear Kent AC22 January 2015 at 21:06

    With reference to your photo of Lady running track c 1950 the starter in the ladies 80 yard race is Fred Lane, the Kent A.C. starter for many years The Kent A.C. jubilee (founded 1998) the golden jubilee was 1948. to celebrate this, the club held a jubilee match for many years, as was the custom at the time. This was a Jubilee match to celebrate the golden Jubilee, so you can only date this photo as after 1948 Robert Sear Kent A.C